Sensual Kool-Aid

June 2, 2020
June 2, 2020 DeShawn

Sensual Kool-Aid

and Being Creative

There is something neat about pouring Kool-Aid into clear water, and watching the color gradually change. Slowly the waters changes to whatever hue your favorite flavored Kool-Aid (Hopefully Berry Cherry).

This morning, while making breakfast for my wife, I decided to record the pouring of Kool-Aid into clear water. Why? I have no idea; it just came to mind. I decided that a simple set-up of my iPhone on a tripod was good enough. The morning sun was shining, so the need for artificial lighting wasn’t necessary. I didn’t want to make this a high production project.

The video recording took about 45 seconds – one take. After viewing the finished video, I thought about how I could add even more creativity to this video. Add music! Not just any music, though.

Since the pouring of the Kool-Aid was slow and graceful, it gave me a thought? How could you add a sensualness to pouring a Kool-Aid packet into the water?

People tell me all the time, “You’re so random.”- I’m ok with this. I wear random like a shiny badge. Anywho, check out the short video and stay creative.