Isolation Sparks Challenging Creative Outlet

April 30, 2020
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April 30, 2020 DeShawn

Isolation Sparks Challenging Creative Outlet

A Photography Project

I frequently joke that as a child, being on punishment a lot has prepared me for this isolation thing. I deserved being on “grounded,” I was a hard-headed and mischievous child- except in my Gramma’s eyes.

With nothing but toys and random objects, I’d be in my little world while on punishment. Chess pieces would become enemies to my army men; Hot Wheel cars would be spaceships that attacked earth; D batteries would be gas silos for my army tanks. Yeah, I was pretty imaginative while stuck in my room on those summer days.

Like you, this pandemic and Stay-at-Home order have taken its toll on me. Isolation is not a good thing for me. On the creative end, I’m used to traveling with my camera doing people focused-street photography or urban exploration.

Obeying the order and being stuck at home has eliminated any of that happening. For a couple of weeks, it was cool. I started going back and looking in my photo archives, cleaning up hard drives, doing some reading on photography. Still, after a while, I was annoyed and bored – I needed to find a creative photography focused outlet. But how can you do this when you’re stuck in one place, and the genres you like typically involve people?

Like the DeShawn of those early years, I made do with what I could work (or play) with and created myself a photography project. The video goes into more detail.